SLstudio-090My hope is that my art is something you can see, feel, touch, experience… Someone once said that my paintings “breathe.” I was very flattered by that. To me, art should stir emotion so if someone is able to breathe a little easier by seeing my art… Goodness, what an honor.

My home studio in Franklin, TN is my little creative sanctuary. A graduate of Miami University/Oxford, Ohio’s Fine Arts program, I’m a life-long creative yet primarily a self taught painter. I’m inspired by what’s around me and enjoy experimenting with natural tones, colors, sketches, and textures. Oh, how I love texture!

Primarily working with textured mediums and acrylics on canvas and wood, I’m driven by my faith and love of life and hope each painting encompasses some sense of the joy I feel with every mark of my pallet knife.I’ve been honored for my art to be in the pages of publications and magazines, but I’m most touched by those who spend their hard earned money on something I create.

I don’t take that lightly.

 Shari Signature 001