Welcome to my home online! I’m so glad you’re here. Southern Ohio is where I was born and raised, right in the good ole Midwest where love for family, friends, college sports (O-H-I-O!) good food and Queen City heritage are prevalent. It is still my extended family home and the place where I attended college at Miami University/Oxford, OH where I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and minor in marketing.

As an early adult, I found myself pulled to the South, where my deep ancestral roots from Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama and Mississippi run thick and felt right at home. After several years in my 20’s traveling the world as a flight attendant, marrying and moving to Alaska (loved it!), we eventually headed back to the Southern part of the country where I, along with my husband and kids, call south of Nashville in Franklin, TN, home.

I am a lifelong creative and artist, even working as an airbrush artist at Kings Island Amusement Park near Cincinnati as a teenager and all the way thru college. My first job at the age of 12, was as a sign painter for my Aunt and Uncle’s chain of grocery stores. I’ve always had my hands in paint.

I love the pace of the South. A bit slower and beauty that can be found everywhere. I create using a variety of mediums including pallet knife, some brush work, sketching, mixed media and whatever the piece needs. I work with multiple layers of paint, creating a depth and movement to the piece that gives it energy and life. I love texture. Oh, how I love texture. As a result, pieces have a life and vibrancy that invites the viewer into the piece vs. remaining an observer. My work is carried in galleries, permanent collections and shops throughout the Southeast and can be found in private collections in TN, FL, OH, CA, MO, CO, NY, MN, and AR

I’m an optimist by nature and prefer to look at life through that lense, I strive to bring that outlook to my art. As someone with a heart for sentimental things, friendship, family and home, I’m always striving to bring comfort and joy with any piece I create. Life and times can be challenging, as we all know, and I figure those who want to spread that sort of vibe already have it covered. I’m heart driven by my faith and love of life and surroundings to put something good into the world. Some sense of beauty to help lift others up. It’s everywhere. We just have to look for it.